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For us to quote on your proposed project, your Creative Brief is needed. This is typically 1 or 2 pages outlining your requirements.
Your Creative Brief details:
  • What is the concept, message, characters, tone and style? Describe your requirements and include the length of the production.
  • Why is it required? Is it for promotion, entertainment or training purposes? What are the business objectives? For example Brand Awareness, Customer Acquisition, a Product / Services launch or to grow market share.
  • Who is it aimed at? Describe the target audience.
  • When is your planned end-date for deliverables?
  • Deliverables - this can be concept sketches, scripts, storyboards or animation files. Also what artwork and files are needed and in what formats?
  • Resources - what skills, tools, equipment or other assets are needed?
  • Budget - what is the allocated or planned budget?

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