Animation can grab attention and hold
it in a way that no printed page can.

What exactly are "Motion Graphics"? Motion Graphics are graphics, images, type or pictures in motion.

It’s a form of animation. Combined in the right way, they can deliver a strong and engaging message to represent your business in a powerful way.

Introduce your offering - with an animated video.

Your business has it ...

The power of animation can grab attention and hold it in a way that no printed page can.

Nowadays people are busier than ever before. As a business owner, if you want to grab people’s attention then nab it quickly.

Use a short animation to promote your business in a brief and memorable way.

This way, your target audience is more likely to get it, like it and want it - "it" being whatever your company’s message and unique offering is.

At 2 minute doodles, we offer:

  • Logomotion (logo’s in motion)
  • ADNABs (short attention nabbing adverts; ADs that NAB attention)
  • Customised animation or motion graphics. This is any motion graphic or effect created and applied to a graphic object such as a title.

Your company's graphics can fly around, rotate or transform.

Your graphics can be anything: your logo, product images, text or quirky characters – whatever you like. Get them to speak to the audience that you want to engage with.

Get your message across with animation, it is a great communicator.

Whether it's for marketing, training or entertainment - motion graphics brings your message to life.

So the long and the short of it is, grab your ADNAB or animation here.

Our style is fun, cute and quirky.

"Three Wise Beans, A Christmas Journey":

A fantasy parody story, where the Beans meet the super cute Baby Cheeses and sing them an enchanting lullaby.

"Noodles Canoodling on Valentine's Day"

A romantic nighttime scene with a moonlit sky. Two noodle characters on a floating can they see each other and it is ...

"Happy Chinese New Year 2022, Year of the Tiger":

The Three Agile Cats sing their Happy Chinese New Year Greeting. A tiger moves from amoungst the trees then...

"Happy Chinese New Year 2021, Year of the Ox":

Happy Chinese New Year 2021, Year of the Ox. A nighttime scene with trees and red archway. Three Cats say Happy New Year in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. A cute ox moves from grass & trees then...

"Happy Chinese New Year 2020, Year of the Rat":

Three Cats say Happy New Year in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. A fat rat scratches around in the trees then...

"The Solution":

The scientist suddenly realised that the solution was ...

Let's start getting those graphics working for you.

Not sure where to begin...?

What about your company logo? It's on your website, but is it on YouTube?

YouTube dominates online video marketing - leverage this by making an entrance with impact. This sets up your brand exposure and sets it apart.

Let's work together to introduce your company on YouTube.

Noodles Canoodling

Noodles on Lake Canoodle with visual effects:

A fun and quirky animation of two noodles canoodling on Lake Canoodle.

Happy Chinese New Year Cats animation

New Year wishes, sung by cats:

Merry "Meowry" Christmas animation

Cats singing with snow particles.

Fresh Brew logomotion

Logo in motion with steam particles and text reveal.

Peaceful Country Noodle Bowl with Sheep" animation:

The Fantasy Restaurant with a difference, we serve creative dishes, that nourish the imagination...

2 minute doodles

Our 2 minute doodles logomotion:

Baby Googles

A parody tribute - motion graphics:

Make sure it's animated for you...

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